Full Feature List


  • Set live and expiration dates
  • Offer public access with shortened shareable/embed link with auto-preview
  • Upload cover art, PDF attachments, artist photos and YouTube videos
  • Automatic ID3 tag generation
  • Track uploads in WAV or MP3 format*
  • Reorder tracks via drag and drop
  • Organize promos in groups
  • Duplicate promos that share same music files***
  • Automatic watermark preparation process is 100% web based**
  • Downloaded and streamed tracks injected with multiple watermarks
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for all uploaded images
  • Thumbnails are clickable to hi-res version
  • Artist photos and YouTube videos automatically put into slideshow
  • Ratings and feedback
  • Instant on/off switch
  • Customizable with reusable templates (change colors, header and background images)
  • Responsive designs viewable in desktop, tablet and mobile devices

*Beast Mode and Rising Star plans do not include WAV file support.

**Rising Star plan does not include watermarking security.

***Beast Mode and Rising Star plans do not include promo duplication.

Contact Management

  • Bulk CSV import or individually add contacts
  • Export contact lists in CSV format
  • Block access or downloading for one or multiple contacts
  • Generate registration form for new contacts
  • Automatic GDPR opt-in process and logging
  • Bulk add or remove from groups
  • Grant or remove promo permissions per contact
  • Generate promo access link per contact and promo
  • Unlimited monthly promo email invitations
  • Schedule email blasts to send on future dates/times
  • Customizable email invitations with reusable templates (change colors, header and background images)
  • Include multiple promos in single email invitation
  • Email blasts have their own statistics screens used to track engagement and send bulk follow-up emails
  • Automatic encrypted promo link generated per each email and contact
  • Track email deliveries, opens, unsubscribes and bounces
  • Bounced addresses automatically flagged to maximize email reputation
  • All contact activities tracked and listed up top of dashboard
  • Successful watermark scans trace original promo recipient and their geo location


  • Create extra user accounts for staff and outside publicists
  • Limit which groups of contacts a user can see
  • Limit which promos a user has access to
  • Control which parts of your account a user has access to
  • Users can sign in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Uploaded tracks get automatic web based watermark preparation
  • Dashboard shows all actions performed by your users


  • All users and contacts authenticate with a password
  • Two factor authentication using a mobile device
  • Data is backed up every 15 minutes
  • Contact promo and profile screens protected with a login screen
  • Promo links use encryption for embedded information
  • Entire application uses secure sockets layer for communication
  • Promo materials are replicated across several data centers around the globe
  • PCI compliant


  • Dashboard lists all streams, downloads and other activities performed by contacts and users in real time
  • Promo consumption statistics on bottom of dashboard shows stream/download counts
  • Drill into a contact's stats per promo for the generated promo link and stream/download counts
  • Run and save reports for promo stats and contact info. Export in CSV format.
  • Submit suspect albums for watermark scans. Watermarks trace back to the contact and their geo location
  • View and export PDF promo engagement summaries that detail email and consumption stats for the lifetime of the promo

Customer Support

  • Email ticketing system with fast response time
  • Phone support and demo walk-throughs
  • Online knowledge base
  • Twitter and Facebook conversations

Industry Traction

  • 4 million global promo email invitations sent out per month
  • 14 years in business
  • Industry leader and favorite (social media reviews and Alexa stats)
  • Utilize Microsoft Cloud with music servers in multiple global data centers
  • Host music industry panels at multiple conventions throughout the year
  • Educational podcast and blog and popular music industry job board